ACM SIGMOD Athens, Greece, 2011
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Organization: Conference Officers

SIGMOD General Chair
Timos Sellis (Inst. for the Mgmt. of Info. Systems)

PODS General Chair
Maurizio Lenzerini (University of Rome La Sapienza)

SIGMOD Program Chair
Renée J. Miller (University of Toronto)

PODS Program Chair
Thomas Schwentick (Chair, TU Dortmund University)

SIGMOD Proceedings Chairs
Anastasios Kementsietsidis (IBM Research - Thomas J. Watson Research Ctr.)
Yannis Velegrakis (University of Trento)

PODS Proceedings & Publicity Chair
Wim Martens (TU Dortmund University)

Tutorials Chairs
Susan Davidson (University of Pennsylvania)
Tova Milo (Tel Aviv University)

Keynote and Panel Chair
Pat Selinger (IBM Research - Almaden)

Industrial Program Chairs
Richard Hull (IBM Research - Thomas J. Watson Research Ctr.)
Raghu Ramakrishnan (Yahoo! Research)

Advisory Committee
Laura Hass (IBM Research - Almaden)
Donald Kossmann (ETH Zürich)

Demo Chair
Chris Jermaine (Rice University)

New Researcher Symposium Chairs
Yanlei Diao (University of Massachusetts)
Christopher Re (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Workshop Chair
Christian S. Jensen (Aarhus University)

Undergraduate Research Program Chair
Irini Fundulaki (Institute of Computer Science - FORTH)

Finance Chair
Mike Hatzopoulos (University of Athens)

SIGMOD Publicity Chairs
Dieter Pfoser (Inst. for the Mgmt. of Info. Systems)
Ariel Fuxman (Microsoft Research)

Sponsorship Chairs
Mike Carey (University of California - Irvine)
Vasilis Vassalos (Athens University of Economics & Business)

Exhibits Chairs
Theodore Dalamagas (Inst. for the Mgmt. of Info. Systems)
Flip Korn (AT&T)

Local Arrangements Chair
Yannis Kotidis (Athens U. of Economics & Business)

Registration Chair
Alex Delis (University of Athens)

Demonstration Local Arrangements Chair
Maria Halkidi (University of Piraeus)

Web/Information Chair
Yannis Stavrakas (Inst. for the Mgmt. of Info. Systems)