ACM SIGMOD Athens, Greece, 2011
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Best Demonstration Paper Award

A Data-oriented Transaction Execution Engine and Supporting Tools
Ippokratis Pandis*, Carnegie Mellon University; Pinar Tozun, Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne; Miguel Branco, EPFL; Dimitris Karampinas, University of Patras, Greece; Danica Porobic, EPFL; Ryan Johnson, University of Toronto; Anastasia Ailamaki, EPFL

Accepted Demonstration Papers

Rapid Development of Web-Based Query Interfaces for XML Datasets with QURSED
Abhijith Kashyap*, University at Buffalo; Michalis Petropoulos, University at Buffalo

A Data-oriented Transaction Execution Engine and Supporting Tools (Best Demo Paper Award)
Ippokratis Pandis*, Carnegie Mellon University; Pinar Tozun, Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne; Miguel Branco, EPFL; Dimitris Karampinas, University of Patras, Greece; Danica Porobic, EPFL; Ryan Johnson, University of Toronto; Anastasia Ailamaki, EPFL

Inspector Gadget: A Framework for Custom Monitoring and Debugging of Distributed Dataflows
Christopher Olston*, Yahoo! Research; Benjamin Reed, Yahoo! Research

GBLENDER: Visual Subgraph Query Formulation Meets Query Processing
Changjiu Jin, Nanyang Technological Univ; Sourav S Bhowmick*, Nanyang Technological Univ; Xiaokui Xiao, Nanyang Technological Univ; Byron Choi, Hong Kong Baptist Univ; Shuigeng Zhou, Fudan University

SkylineSearch: Semantic Ranking and Result Visualization for PubMed
Julia Stoyanovich*, University of Pennsylvania; Mayur Lodha, ; William Mee, ; Kenneth Ross, Columbia University

NetTrails: A Declarative Platform for Provenance Maintenance and Querying in Distributed Systems
Wenchao Zhou*, U. Penn; Qiong Fei, University of Pennsylvania; Sandy Sun, University of Pennsylvania; Tao Tao, University of Pennsylvania; Andreas Haeberlen, University of Pennsylvania; Zack Ives, University of Pennsylvania; Boon Thau Loo, University of Pennsylvania; Micah Sherr, Georgetown University

ProApproX: A Lightweight Approximation Query Processor over Probabilistic Trees
Pierre Senellart*, Telecom ParisTech; Asma Souihli, Telecom ParisTech

StreamRec: A Real-Time Recommender System
Badrish Chandramouli, Microsoft Research; Justin Levandoski*, University of Minnesota; Ahmed Eldawy, University of Minnesota; Mohamed Mokbel, University of Minnesota

iGraph in Action: Performance Analysis of Disk-Based Graph Indexing Techniques
Wook-Shin Han*, Kyungpook National University; Minh-Duc Pham, ; Jinsoo Lee, Kyungpook National University; Romans Kasperovics, ; Jeffrey Xu Yu, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Exelixis: Evolving Ontology-Based Data Integration System
Haridimos Kondylakis*, FORTH-ICS; Dimitris Plexousakis, FORTH-ICS

A Cross-Service Travel Engine for Trip Planning
Dongxiang Zhang*, NUS; Chen Liu, ; Meiyu Lu, NUS; Beng Chin Ooi, National University of Singapore; Anthny Tung, ; Meihui Zhang, National University of Singapore

NOAM: News Outlets Analysis and Monitoring System
Ilias Flaounas*, Univ. of Bristol; Omar Ali, Univ. Of Bristol; Marco Turchi, European Commission - JRC (IPSC); Tristan Snowsill, Univ. Of Bristol; Florent Nicart, Univ. de Rouen; Tijl De Bie, Univ. Of Bristol; Nello Cristianini, Univ. Of Bristol

One-pass Data Mining Algorithms in a DBMS with UDFs
Carlos Ordonez*, University of Houston; Sasi Pitchaimalai, University of Houston

En Blogue - Emergent Topic Detection in Web 2.0 Streams
Foteini Alvanaki*, MMCI; Sebastian Michel, MMCI; Krithi Ramamritham, IIT Bombay; Gerhard Weikum, MPI

WattDB: An Energy-Proportional Cluster of Wimpy Nodes
Daniel Schall*, TU Kaiserslautern; Volker Hudlet, TU Kaiserslautern

BRRL: A Recovery Library for Main-Memory Applications in the Cloud
Tuan Cao, Cornell University; Benjamin Sowell*, Cornell University; Marcos Vaz Salles, Cornell University; Alan Demers , Cornell University; Johannes Gehrke,

Search Computing: Multi-domain Search on Ranked Data
Alessandro Bozzon, Politecnico di Milano; Daniele Braga, Politecnico di Milano; Marco Brambilla*, Politecnico di Milano; Stefano Ceri, Politecnico di Milano; Francesco Corcoglioniti, Politecnico di Milano; Piero Fraternali, Politecnico di Milano; Salvatore Vadacca, Politecnico di Milano

Fuzzy Prophet: Parameter exploration in uncertain enterprise scenarios
Oliver Kennedy*, Cornell University; Suman Nath, Microsoft; Steve Lee, Microsoft; Slawek Smyl, Microsoft; Charles Loboz, Microsoft

WINACS: Construction and Analysis of Web-Based Computer Science Information Networks
Tim Weninger*, University of Illinois; Rick Barber, University of Illinois; Marina Danilevsky, University of Illinois; Jiawei Han, UIUC; Ming Ji, University of Illinois ; Hyungsul Kim, University of Illinois; Cindy Xide Lin, University of Illinois ; Yizhou Sun, UIUC; Chi Wang, University of Illinois; Xiao Yu, UIUC; Yintao Yu, University of Illinois

Automatic Example Queries for Ad Hoc Databases
Bill Howe*, University of Washington; Nodira Khoussainova, University of Washington; Garret Cole, University of Washington; Leilani Battle, University of Washington

RAFT at Work: Speeding-Up MapReduce Applications under Task and Node Failures
Jorge Quiane-Ruiz, Universitat des Saarlandes; Jorg Schad*, Universitat des Saarlandes; Christoph Pinkel, Universitat des Saarlandes; Jens Dittrich, Universitat des Saarlandes

LinkDB: A Probabilistic Linkage Database System
Ekaterini Ioannou*, L3S Research Center; Wolfgang Nejdl, L3S Research Center; Claudia Nieder?e, L3S Research Center; Yannis Velegrakis, University of Trento

Pay-As-You-Go Mapping Selection in Dataspaces
Cornelia Hedeler*, The University of Manchester; Khalid Belhajjame, The University of Manchester; Norman Paton, The University of Manchester; Alvaro Fernandes, The University of Manchester; Suzanne Embury, The University of Manchester; Lu Mao, The University of Manchester; Chenjuan Guo, The University of Manchester

SPROUT^2: A Squared Query Engine for Uncertain Web Data
Robert Fink*, Oxford University Computing La; Dan Olteanu, University of Oxford; Swaroop Rath,

DBWiki: A Structured Wiki for Curated Data and Collaborative Data Management
Peter Buneman, ; James Cheney*, University of Edinburgh; Sam Lindley, ; Heiko Mueller,

Declarative Data-Driven Coordination in the Youtopia System
Nitin Gupta, ; Lucja Kot, Cornell University; Gabriel Bender, Cornell University; Sudip Roy, ; Johannes Gehrke*, ; Christoph Koch,

Tweets as Data: Demonstration of TweeQL and TwitInfo
Adam Marcus*, MIT CSAIL; Michael Bernstein, MIT CSAIL; Robert Miller, MIT CSAIL; Sam Madden, MIT; David Karger, MIT CSAIL; Osama Badar, MIT CSAIL

UMAP: A System for Usage-Based Schema Matching and Mapping
Hazem Elmeleegy, Purdue University; Jaewoo Lee, Purdue University; El Kindi Rezig, Purdue University; Mourad Ouzzani*, Purdue University; Ahmed Elmagarmid, Purdue University

CONFLuEnCE: CONtinuous worFLow ExeCution Engine
Panayiotis Neophytou*, University of Pittsburgh; Panos Chrysanthis, University of Pittsburgh; Alexandros Labrinidis, University of Pittsburgh

Demonstration of Qurk: A Query Processor for Human Operators
Adam Marcus*, MIT CSAIL; Eugene Wu, MIT CSAIL; Sam Madden, MIT; Robert Miller, MIT CSAIL; David Karger, MIT CSAIL

The SystemT IDE: An Integrated Development Environment for Information Extraction Rules
Chieh-Feng Chiang, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan; Laura Chiticariu*, IBM Research - Almaden; Vivian Chu, IBM Almaden; Sajib Dasgupta, IBM research - Almaden; Thilo Goetz, IBM Software Lab, Germany; Howard Ho, IBM Research - Almaden; Rajasekar Krishnamurthy, IBM; Alexander Lang, IBM Software Lab, Germany; Yunyao Li, IBM Almaden; Bin Liu, University of Michigan; Sriram Raghavan, IBM Research - India; Frederick Reiss, IBM Almaden; Shivakumar Vaithyanathan, IBM; Huaiyu Zhu, IBM Almaden

MOBIES: Mobile-Interface Enhancement Service for Hidden Web database
Xin Jin*, George Washington University; aditya Mone, ; Nan Zhang, The George Washington University; Gautam Das, University of Texas at Arlington